NEWS 11/10/11

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We have received copies of the Ground Zero Mosque/Lessons split/collab triple CDr on Egyptian Tea. The best thing about this massive project is it still falls under the $6 for the first item, $5 each additional item pricing system we have. Not bad for well over 2 hours of top notch sonic dissonance. You can also order these items now:
Triangle & Rhino/BerT split/collab cdr
Triangle & Rhino/Red Teeth split cdr
Triangle & Rhino/Hordes split c20
FUN cdr
Centrescape/Loop Goat split c34
Bzbzzeriznvbnbzzovortvvaot/Abgzvoryathre split c30
Triangle & Rhino “Mostly Magic” c40 (LAST COPIES!)

We will have pics and descriptions added to the catalog soon enough.

News 11/4/11

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20 acts brought to you by NNN and the Roupers!


6:00 Brother Ong
6:20 Wasp Nest Head Dress
6:40 Last of England
7:00 Satyr/Elfheim
7:20 Brian DiSanto
7:40 Josh Rievel
8:00 Requiem
8:20 Ryan Emmett
8:40 Esti Piels
9:00 Supervolcano
9:20 Trogpite
9:40 Dean Cercone
10:00 Ground Zero Mosque
10:20 Rhinestone Quarry
10:40 Buoyhood and Artie
11:00 Homeless Gospel Choir
11:20 Burnout Warcry
11:40 Ken Kaminski
12:00 Week End
12:20 Kid Brother

We will have all the current 800 Wild! releases on hand at this.


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Madlantis Records has reissued Triangle & Rhino’s “Fight The Brutal Pigs” c30 as a free download. This is the first in a series Madlantis releases for T&R. In the future there will be the unjustly unreleased “Sad Forest Of The Suicides” album from ’06. Much sooner, Madlantis will be releasing a T&R/BerT split c16.

Review for Lessons CDr from

Lessons — DAVID BOWIE MARYLAND [800 Wild!]

I have no idea what David Bowie has to do with any of this, but Lessons are a Baltimore duo consisting of Justin Marc Lloyd (also of Pregnant Spore, among many others) and Andy Livingston (Ghost Volcano), both of whom appear to be involved in a wide variety of experimental / noise / WTF projects. This one involves the twisted use of psychedelic sounds — not in the acid-rock sense, but in the sense of people whacked-out on heavy drugs and interpreting sound and color in a manner very different than most people (witness their eye-raping psychedelic pinwheel background at their web page, linked below, for visual evidence) — and a devolved anti-rock stance to impart some seriously tripped-out sonic meanderings that walk a thin line between severely damaged art-rock and outright noise. A lot of this sounds like keyboards might have been the original instrument of sonic mutation although they list their sound sources as electronics, field recordings violin, and record players, so who knows? Whatever they’re using, they’re certainly making a disorienting racket… but for all the noisy sonic bombardment, there’s an element of melody (sort of) inherent to most of these pieces, not to mention a persistent motif of minimalist percussion / beats and endless repetition that keeps the pieces anchored in a realm at least tenuously related to music. This sounds like it should be some long-lost demo recorded in a college bedroom in Providence, but apparently people in Baltimore scarf acid too. Who knew? Fans of diseased, rhythmic antimusic will love this.

J. Lexso and Wasp Nest Head Dress have recorded their collab tracks for their 2xc20 split/collab earlier this week. They will also be playing Sunday, October 2 at 9:00pm @ Howler’s for free here in PGH. RJ Myato and Poor Kitty will represent Roup at this live noise offering.

Triangle & Rhino will be heading to Michigan for shows w/BerT in Kalamazoo (Nov. 11th) and Lansing (Nov.12th) to celebrate the release of the “June Bug Bong Compass” split c16 with BerT on Madlantis and the “June Bug Magnetic North” split/collab CDr with BerT on 800 Wild! There will also be a release show here in PGH on the 13th of November. Here is BerT- An adventure 65 million light years in the making – Live at Mac’s Bar 6-1-2011:

The new band of Death Worshipper (Jason White of Strigoi, J. Lexso of T&R and Ground Zero Mosque) are hard at work on their debut. Sludgy noisy anti rock. Here is “Alunakarii”:

And “Fragments Of Teeth And Fingers”:

There will also be a split c10 with TheTans coming out on 800 Wild.

Triangle & Rhino are also working on a new album in addition to the splits with BerT and the split with Hordes. Here’s an untitled track:

Also some great reviews of T&R’s “Fuckin’ Howdy” disc, The Ground Zero Mosque c40, and more are here:
Thanks to PBK!


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K2 “QuaKing” c46-
Japanese noise master’s sonic response to the recent natural disasters in Japan. “Dedicated to all people who suffered from East Tohuku Devastating Earthquake.”

Centrescape/Loop Goat split c34-
Two eerie and evolved drones fro Centrescape. One long looping blast from Loop Goat, the most appropriately named project on 800 Wild!

Triangle & Rhino/BerT “June Bug Magnetic North” split/collab Cdr-
Sister release to a T&R/BerT split c16 on Madlantis. This is full of collab tracks and each band aping the other’s sound. Also live tracks and BerT cover Devo, T&R the Flamin’ Groovies.

Triangle & Rhino/Hordes split c20-
T&R bring 3 drum/oscillator tracks, Hordes one massive and pummeling piece.

Bzbzzeriznvbnbzzovortvvaot/Abgzvoryathre split c30-
Harsh and textured looping noise from Abgzvoryathre. Bzbzzeriznvbnbzzovortvvaot bring 4 trio pieces for piano, FM synthesizer, and oscillator inspired by the music of Moevot.

Triangle & Rhino “Zrasz II” CDr-
Improvised jams taken and overdubbed to hell. This will include the first “Zrasz” EP (800wild #3) that was originally limited to 20 copies as bonus tracks.

FUN cdr
J. Lexso “Blixum Osterbash” c34
J. Lexso/Wasp Nest Head Dress spli/collab 2 x c20
Death Worshipper cdr
Death Worshipper/The Tans split c10

Ordering Info

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800 Wild! is a PGH based label. Prices: $6 first item. $5 each additional item. International orders add a dollar each item. You can pay by check or MO to Jake Lexso 720 Mifflin Ave #1 PGH, PA 15221. I can also take Pay Pal manually at this time. Trades are good just email first. All orders get some free stuff.

Available on 800 Wild!

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800 Wild!-

Thanks to Roupers for the show and Eric Wasp Nest Head Dress for the video!

Ground Zero Mosque “Noblesse Oblige” CDR-
The title track is a 23 minute monster of a pulsing drone. The other 3 tracks are from the net release split with Playing With Nuns on Cubiculo, here on a real life tangible release for the first time. These 3 are harsher works from the bellies of destroyed chugging oscillators.

Triangle & Rhino “Myth Arc” b/w “Math Cry” c34-
Improvised over three sessions in early ’11 the line up expands to Lexso-guitar/electronics RJ Myato-guitar/electronics and Rappa-Drums. Driving noise rock collaged with free form freakout shrapnel. This is honest in the moment composition, no overdubs. The B side features a huge harsh noise face melter from Lexso and Myato.

Lessons “David Bowie Maryland” CDr-
Lessons is the duo of Andy Livingston (Mold Omen) and Justin Marc Lloyd (Pregnant Spore, Dementia And Hope Trails, etc.) and this is their debut “David Bowie Maryland”. Subtle looping seems to set a theme that damaged and circuit bent electronics play off of. The use of vocal loops, at times seemingly coming from the men themselves, permeates the album. There is a heavy improvised feel to “David Bowie Maryland” with these two confidently and successfully complimenting the other’s unique and different approach. “Pull Someone’s Leg” can be heard here:

Last Of England “We Don’t Care About Noise” c20-
Last Of England is the duo of RJ Myato (NNNCO head and frequent Triangle & Rhino collaborator) and Erik Ciora (teenager). Just when I thought Last Of England could not top the 40+ minute “Robert..” monster I have the pleasure to release this. Self proclaimed and expertly fact checked and verified ‘PGH’s only HNW band’. Side A goes for the throat from the moment you press play and the leader passes. There was not a single fuck given and I think they forgot to turn off their Busta Rhymes before they recorded. Side B offers more movement without relenting any of the urgency and aggression of the first side. Side A can be heard here:

Triangle & Rhino/RJ Myato split c30
Before RJ Myato was wreckin’ Matt’s kit and blasting dual guitar freakouts in T&R he did this split. T&R rescued 7 short improvised pieces from the last 10 years and overdubbed them into sounding like composed songs. The highlight for me being a double bass/theremin/$2 drum machine track that induces an involuntary teeth grinding reaction. At least to this writer it does. RJ Myato starts off quietly, forcing you to turn up your tape player, before unleashing his absurdly ‘in the red’ block of harsh noise that leaves you muttering ‘fucking asshole’ while you pick up pieces of shredded speaker off your floor. One left!

A review is here:

Hunted Creatures c30-
Two new pieces by this brilliant PGH quartet. Rapidly changing and subtle. Hunted Creatures show amazing restraint, weaving from melancholy drones to coming dangerously close to song.

Ground Zero Mosque/Inappropriate King Live/Pregnant Spore split c20-
GZM opens with one harsh murky sludge out dying electronics track, while IKL gives us 5 minutes of “clanging, clicking, ripping and fidgeting”. PS dishes out a very deliberate almost percussive block of static and squeal. Cover design by the one and only Justin Marc Lloyd.

Triangle & Rhino “Fuckin’ Howdy” pro-duped CDr
Detuned math rock, and poor man’s electronics from this long running duo. ADD bludgeon rock? Halfway home relapse jams? Includes guest appearances by Brian Pitt of Switchblade Cheetah and Eric Yeschke of Expensive Shit/Raw Blow/White Guilt/probably a dozen more.

Triangle And Rhino “Sroazo” CDr-
An album recorded in 2007 finally sees the light of day. Probably the most filthy T&R recording to date. There’s an obvious preoccupation with heavy and dissonant, but only as compositional tools. Album ends with a live 13 minute radio delay abuse noise out.

Comedy Candy DVDr-
Want to be frustrated by inside jokes? Like crazy animation with an anthropomorphic turd as a hero? Wonder what its like to make a Weird Gilly album? Club jams about pee? Drunken improvised acoustic jams?!? Matt of T&R put this all together so you will have a reason to scratch your head.

Ground Zero Mosque c40-
It’s 3AM and raining, you’re drunk and walking out on the pier. You are lamenting something lost. And thats when you see the body. Probably my favorite GZM release.

Ground Zero Mosque “Weeping Holes” 3″ CDr-
The debut blip blop and crush from GZM. Much more harsh and paced faster than the subsequent untitled c40.

The Charisma Carpenter “Take Your Life” c10-
This is a reissue of a TCC classic from 2003(?). Big percussive noise from T&R drummer’s long dormant solo project. A party inside of a migraine.

Distributed Items:
Triangle & Rhino “Anti Horse Cabal” CDr (NNNCO)- A live quartet recording with L. Farkas joining in with sax and 202 and RJ Myato doing a little of this and a little of that. Very noisey. Half the material is improvised, some unreleased tunes, and a few tracks from the “Fuckin’ Howdy” album.

Triangle & Rhino “Take Out Your Knives” CD (CPOF)- Album from 2004.

Triangle & Rhino/Ground Zero Mosque split c10 (Heppenstall Tapes)

Ground Zero Mosque/RJ Myato split CDr (NNNCO)- Includes 6 solo tracks and a collaboration.

Goat “Crown Of Thorns” CDr (CPOF)- Harsh ass Texas noise.

Goat “Unholy Stygian War” c40 (CPOF)

Boda P’nodo “Nifty Uchi Bubba” CDr (CPOF)- Includes everything recorded by this pre Triangle & Rhino noise group.